Wild Barra has entered the world of chemical free fragrance.

Wild Barra has entered the world of chemical free fragrance.

When it comes to crafting a signature fragrance, many people are now opting for chemical-free options. These fragrances not only smell amazing but also provide a natural and non-toxic alternative to traditional perfumes. 

Using Organic Essential oils as Ingredients

The first step in creating our chemical-free signature fragrance was to understand the ingredients we wanted to use. We choose natural organic essential oils, natural extracts, and plant-based ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals and additives. These natural ingredients not only smell great but also have therapeutic benefits for both ritual and body.

Our new Fragrance

Kongk yok is a fragrance that embodies the timeless beauty of Pinarinch's gardens in Cape York. Its aromatic herbal notes, dry woods, and kur accords blend to create a truly unique and unforgettable scent. Inspired by a remarkable human of conscious culture and substance, this fragrance is a testament to the power of wit, directness, and assertiveness. With every spray, Kongk yok inspires us to embrace our individuality and express ourselves boldly and confidently. Its genderless and will be available soon exclusively through our website.

Kongk = aroma in the Kokoberrin language  Yok = wood. This is the language of the Kokoberrin peoples of Cape York Peninsula.

The fragrance is woody | spicy | warm

Indigenous Fragrance

Wildbarra's chemical-free signature fragrance is ready, it's time to enjoy it! Creating our own chemical-free signature fragrance has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 

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