Wild Barra Co. or as most know it Wildbarra began as a clothing range at Australian Indigenous Fashion Week 2014, and Adam Linnforth of ‘Budgy Smuggler’ joined ‘Wild Barra Co.’ as a Director to mentor me, Shaun Edwrads on industry standards, entry to the fashion industry, and brand building. We targeted the international market via social media and online selling initially, as Australian demand for Indigenous-themed swimwear was low. I continue WildBarra as an experience of my culture and by devoting time and tapping into my creative healing space and mindset to develop concepts and design elements that represent a narrative and a reality that increase world audiences’: positive interest, awareness, knowledge, and connection to issues within Australian First Nations and contemporary mainstream life.


We love taking on projects as well and have done artworks for a number of businesses including digital projections, logos and custom clothing.

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